PREMIUM Grass-Fed Sirloin

$28.95 per Kg

Average weight is 800g in single steak packs.

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Raised exclusively on pastures, rich in Omega 3, and free from pollutants, our PREMIUM GRASSFED SIRLOIN is a delicious steak from the animal’s hindquarter where the tenderloin and top loin meet.  A tasty all-rounder, Grassfed Sirloins a lean, tender, flavorsome, and juicy!

Sirloin trivia: Known as Sirloin in the UK, the cut is also known as Strip or Porterhouse in the US, and here in Australia, some interchange Sirloin and Porterhouse.

Best cooking practices: Sear for 3-5 minutes per side, or until the steak is five degrees shy of your desired doneness (remove the steaks at 130 if you’d like them medium rare, which is recommended for grassfed steaks that can become tough if overcooked). Rest for five minutes, slice, and serve topped with fresh herbs.

Want to mix it up?  Pullout your airfryer for this super quick method!

Average weight is 650g in double steak packs.

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Weight .650 kg

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