Pulled Pork Cuban Sandwich

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Serves: 1


75g pulled pork – approx
1 slice swiss cheese
1 tbls soft butter
1 tbls yellow mustard
1 soft bread roll
pickles – can buy them in local supermarket


1. Slice open the bread roll.
2. Smear the yellow mustard on the bottom half of the roll.
3. Place pulled pork on top of mustard.
4. Place swiss cheese on top of pulled pork
5. Place pickle slices on top of swiss cheese and put top half half of roll on top.
6. Butter one side of the roll and place in frying pan over medium heat.
7. Using the 2nd frying pan press down on the sandwich and leave it for approx 2 mins.
8. Flip the sandwich, smear a little butter on other side of it and repeat step 7.
9. Remove from heat, slice in half and enjoy!

If you have a sandwich toaster/press you can toast the sandwich in there.

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